Chapter��2.��Sun Up

1.��Introduction to a Daily Drive Events Engine

The Sun Up phase of the Go West Scenario builds the core process structure. or said another way, this section provides the process "backbone" for Go West

The key concepts and simulation code objects in this Chapter are:

  • Daily Event Cycle. desc ???

  • KESE Variables. desc of putting all sim drivers at top in globule variables ???

  • Print Switches. desc T/F printing switch for tracing simulation

2.��Incremental Programming

This section also introduces Incremental Programing. This is my preferred methodology to attack large, complex problems. Get a simple version of the mainline code working and incrementally expand the functionality.

3.��Just-in-time Knowledge

A second major concept present in this section is Just-in-Time knowledge. This is the teaching process where information about SimPy functionality, KESE data structure and Python programming are present as they are needed to accomplish the modelling task at hand. You read what something does and then immediately see it used in the code. Very little theory and lost of practical application.

4.��Basic Development Tools



  • Python. SimPy

Code Editor

Stuff about using basic Python editor window.

Figure��2.1.��Python Edit Window

Python Edit Window

Simulation Display

Stuff about simple output to the shell ????

Figure��2.2.��Simulation Output in Python Shell

Simulation Output in Python Shell

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