Reduce the Size of an Image Using The GIMP

A How-To Recipe
April 4, 2006
Steve Tindle, III

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The GIMP is an Open Source image manipulation tool with features very useful to a web publisher who wants to use photos, diagrams, screen-shots, etc. to illustrate web pages. This short tutorial allows you to reduce the size of an image with GIMP so that it fits within the dimensions of your web page.

  1. Click on File to show the menu. Then click Open to find the file you want to manipulate.


    Figure 1: Find File

  2. If you do not see the image file you want, browse to the folder that holds it. Click once to select the image you wish to resize.


    Figure 2: Select Image

  3. Click the Open button bottom right to open the selected image.


    Figure 3: Open the Image File

Resize the Image

Next, we will resize the image.

  1. At the top, Click the Image menu. On this menu you'll find Scale Image. Click and the size manipulation box opens.


    Figure 4: Select Scale Image

  2. You can manipulate the size of the image using several measurements. Try several if you wish to find one that works best for you. Enter the desired size for the image in the Scale Image box by typing in the number in the Width OR Height fields. Use ONE dimension because the other will automatically size proportionately when you hit TAB. A good medium width for web images is around 300 pixels, which is shown here. It will create an image about 3 inches wide. Apply your changes by clicking Scale when finished.


    Figure 5: Change Size

  3. Once the scaling is complete, the resulting image will be displayed. This is not the real image size. Adjust the percentage to "100%" from the view scale at the bottom of the image window. If this is not the size you anticipated, click on Edit and click Undo Scale Image. Begin the scaling process again by clicking on Image at the top.


    Figure 6: Preview Size

Save the Image

Remember, if you are not working on a copy of the image, you will permanently change your original if you click Save. If you don't want to change the original, click Save As and rename the image.

  1. Click the File menu, then click Save or Save As menu items.


    Figure 7: Save Resized Image

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