Contributed Knowledge Analytics

And Visualizing Contributions


Any Knowledge Harvesting/Delivery strategy is dependent on an active and committed team of knowledge contributors. SQI research is evaluating technologies and data visualization to provide analytics on the contribution process. The goal is to craft the infrastructure that enables an organization understand who are the productive contributors and how active is the process.


Presenting complex relationship is greatly aided by graphics visualization. This is true in the complex world of organic chemistry. We all have a mental picture in our heads of DNA. Three dimensional models have let us grasp what a million words could not clearly present.

The complex world of business processes presents the same opportunity. Few have answered challenge. I cannot remember the last insight to a real-world problem I reached because of really insightful visualization techniques.

However, there is always hope. The link below will stimulate thinking. It is work done at IBM Research called History Flow. The link and introductory material from the IBM site are presented below.

IBM History Flow

History Flow visualizing dynamic, evolving documents and the interactions of multiple collaborating authors: a preliminary report.

Motivation Most documents are the product of continual evolution. An essay may undergo dozens of revisions; source code for a computer program may undergo thousands. And as online collaboration becomes increasingly common, we see more and more ever-evolving group-authored texts. This site is a preliminary report on a simple visual technique, history flow, that provides a clear view of complex records of contributions and collaboration.

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