1.4 Reset User Password

A How-To Recipe
July 2006
SQI Staff


The user has forgotten their password and is asking the Site Admin to reset to a new password.

Note: If the user simply wants to change their password the can do it Preferences on the AppBar.


A Site Admin - someone that has a Control Panel option in their AppBar - can reset a password of a user with a quick 4 step process.

  • Select the Control Panel application.

  • Select the user whose password is to be reset.
  • Select the Change Password action for the user.
  • Enter the new password and save.

Each step is illustrated below with a graphic and short description.

Select the "Control Panel" application

A Site Admin will have a Control Panel application in his or her toolbar. Click on this and the Identity Manager functionality is accessed.


Figure 1: Control Panel to Access Administrative Tools

Select the user

The Identity Manager presents all users, their full names and the status of authorization to access each application. The change functionality for all aspects of the user, including resetting the password, resides at the individual View User level. To access the View User click on the User's name.


Figure 2: Select User

Select Change Password

The Change Password option is presented just below the User's information block. Click on Change Password to access the reset functionality.


Figure 3: Select Change Password Option

Enter the new password

The final step is to enter the new password twice and click the Save button. The user now has a new password.


Figure 4: Enter New Password and Save

Note: It is SQI's recommendation that communications to the User proving the new password include instructions to immediately change on first access (see Change Password).


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