2.1 Grant Staff Access to IM

A How-To Recipe
July 2006
SQI Staff


You have created a new User in the CIE environment and granted access to IM. This establishes the default IM role of end user.

The User is a new staff member so you want to change the User's role to one of privileged staff which will provide access to the staff IM portal.


IM manages roles and privileges specific to that application. The most basic role is internal staff verses end user. The End User will see the Self Service portal while the Staff User will get access to the staff portal.

Control of the staff role is in each User's management screen. This functionality is part of the Configuration options accessed via the main menu.

First, the User should already have access to IM. A quick review is present to establish the starting point. Next the process of navigation to the User record and granting staff status is presented.

  • Expectations: A number of screen shots are presented to fully document the process. As a standard administration task, this process should take less than 60 seconds.

Starting Point

The User should have already been granted access to IM (see Grant a User Access to an Application). The two screen shots below review that process.


Figure 1: Grant User Access to IM

This shows the area within a User's account to click for access to IM.


Figure 2: User Account Showing IM Access Rights

This is what a User account with access to IM looks like.

Grant Staff Role

A User is granted the staff role in a three step process:

  1. Navigate to the _Select User_ page within the _Configuration_ area.
  2. Query for User
  3. Grant Staff Role

The screen snippets below show the three clicks to access the IM Select User page.


Figure 3: Select Incident Manager


Figure #5: Select Configurtion


Figure 6: Select Users

Query and Access User IM Record

The Select User page displays the Staff Users and provides functionality to query for End Users. Currently the User we want to make a Staffer has the role of End User. Thus, use the query functionality of find a link to the record.


Figure 7: Search for User

First, enter part of the user ID and click on the Go button.

A page is displayed with links to all the User records that match the query.


Figure 8: Select User

Click on the link showing the ID of the desired User.

Grant Staff Role

To grant the User the staff role click in the check box labeled Let this user be granted right - in the _Access Controls_ area - and then click the Submit bottom at the bottom of the page.


Figure 9: Grant Staff Rights to User

Note: If this User was just created using the Identity Manager, the data highlighted with the yellow screen was automatically propagated to this IM User record.

After clicking on the Submit button, a success update will look like the Access Control snippet below.


Figure 10: User with Staff Rights


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