1.2 Grant User Application Access

A How-To Recipe
July 2006
SQI Staff


A new User needs to be granted access to applications they are going to work with. Or, an existing User needs access to an additional application. For example, in the screen capture below, the User named c1.user2 has been created, with access to the two authorization control components - sphere and casauth - but does have access to any of the applications (no checks in the red box).


Figure 1: New User without Application Access


The process of granting access to applications components within CIE is a simple two step process:

  1. Select the user
  2. Click on the applications to grand access

Select User

From the Identity Manager compont of the Control Panel select the user as shown in Figure 2.


Figure 2: Select User from Users View

Grant Access to Application

Figure 3 show a new user prior to being granted access to specific application components.


Figure 3: User View showing No Access

The codes for the applications are:

  • icmm - The Information Center application. This is normally an open knowledge center.

  • kbmm - The Knowledge Base application. This is normally an internal or staff only component.

  • im - The Incident Manager application that tracks request tickets.

  • dsmm - The Document Server

  • ejd - The jabber server for instant messages

Figure 4 show the Create area that when clicked provides access to the associated application. Figure 4 is the "before" and Figure 5 shows the "after" states.


Figure 4: Create Access Rights for Application


Figure 5: User Access Right for Application


It is important to remember that access to an application is separate from the users role within the application. The process described above only grant access. The Role a user has within an application is configured within the specific application.

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