2.2 Assign a User to the Admin Role in a KB Application

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You have created a new User in the CIE environment and granted access to one or more of the knowledge based components - Information Center, Doc Server, or Knowledge Hub). This established the default role of Known User which is a read only role.

You now want to grant the user the rights to edit a page which in the normal site configuration is the Admin role.


In the knowledge base application components, roles are controlled by adding users to specific groups. Each group will have the privileges to execute specific functionality defined. The standard knowledge base configuration includes an AdminGroup that, among other rights, has the rights to edit pages. Thus, granting edit rights is a simple two step process:

  1. Navigate to the AdminGroup page

  2. Add the user to the AdminGroup

Select the knowledge base in which the user will be granted edit capabilities. In Figure 1 the Information Center is selected.


Figure 1: Select knowledge base component

Scroll to the bottom of the page. In the lower right corner is a component specific search.


Figure 2: Search for Groups

As shown in Figure 2, enter group in the text box and click on Titles.

A list on pages with "group" in the title is displayed. We are interested in the one titled AdminGroup.


Figure 3: Select AdminGroup

As shown in Figure 3 click on this AdminGroup.

The AdminGroup page now displays the list of user belonging to this group (Figure 4 below).


Figure 4: List of current AdMins

We grant the a user edit rights by adding him or her to this AdminGroup. Click on the Edit link as shown in Figure 4 to add the user.

As Figure 5 shows you are now in the edit view of the AdminGroup.


Figure 4: Add new user to AdMin list

To add a user to the AdminGroup do the two steps highlighted in Figure 5:

  1. Add their user ID to the list.
  2. Click Save Changes

That is it!

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