1.1 Create User

A How-To Recipe
July 2006
SQI Staff


A new employee joins the firm or a client requests that one of their employees be granted access to the support environment.


A Site Administrator - someone that has a Control Panel option in their AppBar - creates a new User with a quick three step process:

  1. Select the Control Panel application

  2. Select Add New User

  3. Enter User Information

Expectations: A number of screen shots are presented to fully document the process. As a standard administration task, this process should take only a couple of minutes.

Select the "Control Panel" application

A Site Admin will have a Control Panel application in his or her toolbar. Click on this and the Identity Manager functionality is accessed.


Figure 1: Select Control Panel from AppBar

Select "Add New User"

The Identity Manager presents all users, their full names and the status of authorization to access each application. Below this listing is the Add New User link. Click on this link to get to the Create User page.


Figure 2: Select New User within Users View

Enter User Information

In the Create New User page, fill out the requested information. Review for accuracy and completeness. Then click on the Save button.


Figure 3: Complete Create User Form

New User Account Created

You will be returned to the Identity Manager with the new User now listed. The Create New User functionality automatically grant access to the two authorization applications - sphere and casauth.


Figure 4: New User without Application Access Rights

However, the new User is not granted access to any of the CIE applications (see red box in page snippet). A Site Admin, as described in Grant a User Access to an Application, will select which application the new User can access. This is usually the next step.

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