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Key References

Consortium for Service Innovation

Consortium for Service Innovation
Vision - We have moved from a business model where value came from physical products, tangible things, to a world where value comes from non-physical, intangible things such as knowledge, influence and relationships. We believe this shift in the source of value requires new models, processes and practices.

KCS - Knowledge-Centered Support
Knowledge-Centered Support is a knowledge management strategy for service and support organizations. It defines a set of principles and practices that enable organizations to improve service levels to customers, gain operational efficiencies, and increase the organization's value to their company.

The KCS Operational Model (Knowledge-Centered Support)
The goal of KCS is to solve a problem once . . .and use the solution often! Adoption of KCS has improved operational efficiency, employee moral, and customer satisfaction. This brief examines the need for a knowledge-centered strategy as well as the organizing principles of KCS and its benefits.




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  1. Open new Window or Tab

Page Creation & Layout

  1. Create a New Page

  2. Create two column page

  3. Create Three column page

  4. Create an Article formatted page

  5. PDF Plugin for Imaging and Indexing

Text Formatting

  1. Indented paragraph below bullet point

  2. Provide a Link To a Ticket

  3. Add Inquiry Form to a Page

  4. Center Graphic with Description

  5. Wrap Text around Graphic

  6. Resize an Image with GIMP

  7. Make an Image a Link

  8. Embed YouTube video

Account Management

  1. Change My Password

User Rights/Permissions Management

  1. Assign a User to the Admin Role in a KB Application

  2. Basics of Permissions for Knowledge Components

  3. Administrator Permissions for Knowledge Components

  4. Global Permission Settings for Knowledge Components

  5. Page Specific Permissions for Knowledge Components


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