Embed a YouTube Video

A How-To Recipe
July 2007
SQI Staff


Many concepts are easier to understand if presented with video. YouTube is an extensive source of valuable videos including conferences, tutorials, special presentations, concept overviews, etc.

Embedding relevant videos in Knowledge Base articles would increase the value of the information on a site.


The Knowledge Base platform includes a macro for embedding a YouTube video into a Knowledge Base page.

The markup for the YouTube macro is:


Where the youtube-video-id-number is the ID provided by YouTube. This can be harvested form the url when watching a video on YouTube. It is the number directly following ?v= at the end of the url.


Below is a sort video introducing the concept of SOA (Service Oriented Architecture). This is a video pulled from a general search of YouTube.

The marco that embedded the above video is:


Where sbd_1G8Kqjs is the YouTube id for the video.

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