Chapter��2.��Web-based Document Structure

Introduction to Document Assemble

The microPublishing system uses the Enterprise Wiki web-page functionality - the core technology that powers the Knowledge Center - to organize all aspects of document authoring and publishing.


Three major concepts:

  1. Document is divided into a set of components. For example a book would be divided into front material, chapters, appendix, and index. Each component is located at a web-page address (URL).

    This process of division can be repeated at every document component. For example, a chapter can be divided into a number of section. Each section is located at a web-page address.

  2. Each web-page address provides a number of services - viewing, modifying, getting information, etc. - for that component of the document.

  3. The full document is assembled from it components into a specific viewing format. This is one of the services provided at the document web-page address.

    For example, at the document web-page address the user can request (click a button) the PDF version of the full document. Or, at the web-page for a chapter the user can as for the PDF of that chapter which is assembled from all the associated sections.

Functionality at a Web-page address (URL)


The URL provides a location to access a Set of Services for a specific component of the document. Which service is provided is controlled by the parameters that follow the web-page address.

  • HTML of document component (simple URL with no parameters)

  • PDF of document component

  • PDF of document component and all siblings (a chapter with all separate sections)

  • access XML of component

  • save modified XML for component

  • access version history for component

  • access contributor statistics

  • access current page contributor map

Set of URLs define a Document's Structure

This is best explained with an example. In Example��2.1, ���Page Structure for Simple Book��� a relative URL structure for a book is displayed.

Example��2.1.��Page Structure for Simple Book


In this a simple structure that starts with the relative root URL (.../Book) for the book. The published views - HTML and PDF - will display the book's title, cover art, Table of Contents, and any front materials.

The next URL is a sub-page for chapter 1. The published views - HTML and PDF - will display all the material of chapter one. The last URL is a sub-page for chapter 2. The published views - HTML and PDF - will display all the materials in chapter 2.

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