Chapter��1.��Introduction to the microPublishing System

The microPublishing system brings the process of drafting, publishing and maintaining technical reference material into the modern Internet world. It combines proven authoring/publishing tools of structured documentation with the web-based collaboration, instant update and search technologies.


Major Components

The microPublishing system is a combination of wiki technology, DocBook markup language and XSTL publishing technology.

  • Enterprise Wiki. The collaboration tool

  • Structured and Semantic Markup. A technical markup language that distinguishes the structure and semantic content of a document. The focus is to capture the logical structure of the document content. This allows the same content to than be published by layout software in many different form, ie. web pages, 9" by 7" printed technical books, 8" by 11" PDF, etc,

  • Layout Engine. Software that takes structured content plus a style sheet and produces the final human consumable product. This can be HTML web pages, PDF files, printing press read files for a book, speech sythesiser ready file, mobile phone comparable output, etc.

Enterprise Wiki

The wiki technology provides:

Table��1.1.��Enterprise Wiki Functionality

Document stored on serverCan
Edit Authorization 
View Authorization 
Contributor and date information for each sentence in current document  
Version History 

Structured and Semantic Markup

The DocBook markup provides:

  • Ability to create content with

Table��1.2.��Structured and Semantic Functionality


Layout Engine

The XSTL provides:

  • Ability to publish in web format and PDF as an automated process after modifications

  • Ability to craft the look of Web and PDF output from style sheets

Table��1.3.��Layour Engine Functionality


XSLT Processing - How DocBook markup is turned into Published Material

Description of publishing process goes here. ???

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