6.5.�� Results of Published DocBook Fragments

A How-To Recipe

Jeff Elpern


Show the published results will look like for a DocBook markup fragment.

This is the HTML produced by the XSTL publishing process, see ????.


To present published results use the <informalexample> tag with the SQI extension role="xslt-processed". This will enclose the published fragment inside a display area signifying what is displayed inside is the published redering of the DocBook markup fragment (see Example��1, ���<informalexample role="xslt-output"> to display Published Markup���example below).

The xml listing below shows DocBook markup fragment enclosed within a <informalexample role="xslt-output"> tag.

Example��1.��<informalexample role="xslt-output"> to display Published Markup

<informalexample role="xslt-output">
  <para>This sentence shows how the tag <code>&lt;emphasis&gt;</code> is used to 
    produce an <emphasis>italic font style</emphasis>, <emphasis role="bold">bold 
    font style</emphasis>, and a <emphasis role="bolditalic">bold-italic 
    font style</emphasis>.

This markup instructs the XSLT process to format the DocBook fragment inside the <informalexample> tag as normal markup. The result is placed inside a visual container idenntifying it as an example of published XML. The exact output from the markup above is published below:

Figure��1.��Published output of Example��1, ���<informalexample role="xslt-output"> to display Published Markup���

This sentence shows how the tag <emphasis> is used to produce an italic font style, bold font style, and a bold-italic font style.


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