Chapter��7.��Chapters and Sections

Introduction to Chapters

This chapter deals with how the SQI microPublishing environment is used to create chapters and sections. The topic is at the heart of effectively using micorPublishing because the SQI system is a bottoms-up technology not the standard top-down DocBook structure.

Web Page as Content "Atom"

The microPublishing systems aggregates small blocks on content into larger structure such as chapters and books. A very common approach for a large document is to structure the content into a web page for each chapter and each top level section with a chapter.

Figure��7.1.��A Chapter Page and the First Section Page

A Chapter Page and the First Section Page

That is how this do

Web Page as Content Container

In reality, the web page is just a view into the DocBook content storage system. Figure��7.2, ���Content Associated with Web Page��� shows the edit view of a page which exposes the content with the associated markup. this is the heart of the system and the content can be published in multiple form - web HTML and print ready PDF for example.

Figure��7.2.��Content Associated with Web Page

Content Associated with Web Page

Another aspect of the content systems is revision history. Figure��7.3, ���Revision History of Page Content��� show the revision history for a set on content early in its life cycle. The content in this example has been modified 7 times and has 3 attachment associated with it. It is not uncommon to see a mature page with more than 100 revision.

Figure��7.3.��Revision History of Page Content

Revision History of Page Content

Authorship View of Content

Another powerful view of the content is authorship - when and by who was the content developed

Figure��7.4, ���Revision History of Page Content��� show a page with 4 contributors. The left hand side displays a color coded graphic of when each author contributed and how much. the right hand side present a picture of the content history of the page.

Figure��7.4.��Revision History of Page Content

Revision History of Page Content

Figure��7.5, ���Revision History of Page Content��� show a view of the page content where the author and date each line of the current version was contributed.

Figure��7.5.��Revision History of Page Content

Revision History of Page Content

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