Adding Files to FAQs

A How-To Recipe
Aug 2006


There are two instances where it is useful to include answers in a FAQ as a file to be downloaded. First, many answers to FAQs are contained in external documents/files. Second, the answers might be in multiple formats and accessed through multiple applications; .pdf and Word files for example. Including the files themselves accelerates the process of building the FAQ when those files can be included without tedious reformatting.


At the bottom of each Knowledge base page is a link labeled "attachments". Clicking on this link brings up the file load page.


Use the browse button beside the "File to upload box" to identify the file to be uploaded. Enter the name you wish to call the uploaded file in the "Rename To" box. It is important to retain the proper file suffix so that the file can be opened successfully. Click on the "Upload" button.

A list of the uploaded files is then displayed.


Copy the name of the file, including the "attachment" portion (highlighted in the graphic above) and paste it into the text for the page you are working on. The link will be displayed with a "paper clip" to indicate that it takes the user to a file.


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