Creating the Top Page

A How-To Recipe
August 2006
Brian Leeland

The Top Page

It is useful to understand how the top page operates since it drives the result and an understanding can help troubleshoot when mistakes are made.

This is the key statement


This generates a list from all pages that are a subordinate of the docset that end in "set." The list contains everything on each page up to the dashed line. The dashed line allows a manager to put useful commentary below the line and hides the mechanics from the user.

Access rights are checked for each user and only pages that the user is legitimately allowed to see are included.

Creating the Page

Create a new page with the name "ViewDocs." Though there are rules for pages subordinate to this page, you could choose your own name for this page. However, other markup within this How To would then need to be modified to make it work. SQI recommends that you use the "ViewDocs" name.

Copy the following markup in to the page and save it.

#acl AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin Trusted:read Known:read All:
## [[Include(AdminNavigation)]]
= Personal Document Center =
For [[UserInfo(fullname)]]


Once created all content should be a subordinate of this page. That is the page names should be Docset/?.


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