Creating and Populating Document Sets

A How-To Recipe
August 2006
Brian Leeland

Creating the Document Set

Follow the following instructions to create each document set.

  1. Open the Top Page
  2. Click edit.
  3. At the bottom of the page type
    This will create a page that is subordinate to the Top Page. The "Aa" portion is used to order the categories in the access page that is presented to users. As you repeat this process to add subsequent categories of documents, you can use this portion to impose an order that is not dependent upon the name of the category.

    The MyFirstCategory portion should be given a name that represents your logical name for the category. The resulting whole name must reflect the rules for a Wiki link. That is, it cannot have spaces and must have at least one embedded capital letter with a lower case letter on each side. Though users will not see this name, it will help you navigate amongst your documents and simplify maintenance.

  4. Save
  5. Click on the question mark following the link in the page. This will take you to a page that supports the creation of a new page. Click on "Create New Empty Page."

At this point you must make a decision whether the page is to be viewed by anyone who has access to the application or whether you wish to further restrict access. Copy one of the two following markups depending upon your choice. The security for pages can be modified later.

For universal access

#acl AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin Trusted:read Known:read All:
== Your Heading Here ==

The documents go here

== Administration Section ==

=== List of Attachments ===
=== Manage Access Control ===
Access to this page is granted by having a login account.

For Restricted Access

#acl AdminGroup:read,write,delete,revert,admin DocSets/FaClientOneSet/AccessGroup:read All:

== Documents Specifically for Client 1 ==


The documents go here


== Administration Section ==

=== Attached Documents ===


=== Manage Access Control ===

Access to this page is granted by adding a user to the ''Access Group'' maintain on the link below:

 * /AccessGroup

Paste the Markup into the new page and Save.

Edit the page and change the FaClientOneSet portion of the name in the acl statement at the top of the page to the name of the page you are in.

  1. Repeat this as many times as you wish, adding each subsequent page name to those already there in step 3.

Populating the Docset Pages

You can use all the normal formatting techniques in the Docset pages. However, it is wise to limit wasted space so that searching amongst the documents is easier.

Adding files to a docserver is exactly the same as adding files to a the Knowledge Center or an FAQ. Search on "Adding files" to find that discussion.


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