Document Server Components

Specific Markup Language
August 2005
Brian Leeland


There are three components to a document server. The top page presents a list of appropriate documents to anyone who views it. The documents themselves are contained in a series of Docset pages and each docset page that has limited distribution contains a link to an access group page that lists the people who are allowed to see it.

The Top Page

This is the page to which all users are directed. When it is accessed, the user is checked and a list of documents appropriate to that user is generated and displayed. This includes public documents, those that are freely available to everyone, and documents special to that user. This page is deceptively simple, yet it is the foundation for the server.

Top Page Markup Language

Document Sets

The server depends for its operation on a few simple rules. One is that naming conventions for pages bearing documents need to be followed. If you use the following process, those naming conventions will be followed automatically.

Creating and Populating Document Sets

Access Pages

Access pages are associated with each Docset page for which access is restricted. The page contains a list of those users who are allowed to see that particular page. Anyone not given access will see neither the page and its contents, nor any reference to it. The link to the access page is automatically included when you use the limited access markup from the instruction on creating and populating document sets. To add an access list to a page that doesn't have one add the following below the dash line:



Click on the Accessgroup link. This will take you to a new page screen. Click on the "Create New Page" link.

Add users to the page using the following format:



Save the page.

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