Priority / Rules Worksheet for a SLA

The SLA Worksheet is available in MS Word, OpenOffice and PDF:

The worksheet is imaged below.

Priority and Rules Worksheet for a SLADownload:Priority.pdf
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SLA Priority / Response Rules Worksheet Complete this form for every SLA. Client: _________________________ Agreement Number: __________________ Renewal Date: ____________ Type: _________ Product: _________________________ Description: Priorities / Response Requirements: (prototype entered) Case Priority Description Response Workaround Fix Emergency Any field failure that results total, or near <1 hour total, lost of the routers functionality. Router can not be used without a fix. < 8 hours < 1 week Critical Any field failure that results substantial lost of the routers functionality. Router has limited use prior to a fix. < 1 days < 1 week Serious Any field failure that results in partial loss <1 day of functionality, or substantial loss of specific functionality where an alternative or workaround exists. < 2 days < 2 weeks Mild Any field failure that results in an insignificant, or very limited, loss of functionality. Also, any field operations where the product is difficult to use. < 2 days < 1 week < 4 week Annoyance A field issue where product is functional but client desires a different implementation. < 2 days N/A Next firmware release Mapping: (prototype provided) Client Priority Emergency Critical Serious Mild Annoyance Master Priority Priority 5 Priority 4 Priority 3 Priority 2 Priority 1 <4 hours

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