Managing Service Level Agreements

Performing to the Service Requirements of you most demanding Clients

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You have signed the service agreement. You have given your word and committed the company. Now it is time to perform. This track provides the steps and procedures to successfully implement and manage SLAs.

The top graphic displays the the flow from SLA contract to SLA rules within the IM system, and then, from these general rules to a specific ticket's status including remaining response time for the given priority/status.

This SQI University page presents the concepts and OpsEngineTM procedures needed to implement an SLA system.


The following articles provide a conceptual overview of the SLA environment. Your IM Administrator needs to have a good working knowledge of this material. Others on your staff can focus directly on the SLA OpsEngine procedures that effect their work.

  • SLA to IM Mapping
    This article presents the correspondence between response commitments made in a Service Level Agreement and functionality in the SLA module of IM.

  • The SLA Model Structure
    This article present the internal data structures and how they relate within the SLA solution. The Client Service Group, Client SLA Queue, and details of the SLA rules/priorities are discussed.





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