Ticket Sequence Diagram

This topic presents the life cycle of an Incident as seen thought the tracking Ticket sequence diagram. The graphic below presents each step in the process and the associated Actor. Descriptions of each step follow.


The following is a description of each step:

  1. New incident email
  2. Create Ticket
  3. Respond to issue
  4. Response email
  5. icket Status set to Open
  6. Clerification email
  7. email of Ticket update
  8. Response
  9. email of Responsee
  10. Final communication
  11. email of final communication
  12. Final Response
  13. Final response email
  14. Ticket Status set to Resolved
  15. Resolved message
  16. History pruning
  17. Mark ticket as Deleted
  18. Garbage collection
  19. Remove from database

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