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Unifying Theory of Software Quality (UTSQ) Because all Software is a series of Economic Events and Responses
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Software is an instantiation of a concept believed to deliver economic value Requirements are a representation Code is a representation Test suites are a representation Documentation is a representation Concept = Hypothesis
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Motivation Why A New Theory
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Reality Hits in Quality Processes Many direct hits between what is taught and what is done Motivation ISO certification is required in Telco equipment Software Engineering Institute (SEI) is a driving force in software development processes for DoD. Ignition and power train software in automotive industry exceeds Six Sigma
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Reality Gaps in Quality Processes Many disconnects between what is taught and what is done Motivation Game companies ($9 billion dollar industry) do not market ISO certification ATMs do not meet Six Sigma access levels (5 min per year down) Open Source development a different paradigm Apache serve 70% of the web pages daily Firefox 25 million users in first 90 says CEOs managing products in new categories consistently fund new features over big fixing Each release moves further form Six Sigma Ironically, this is commonly the winning strategy
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Measurements Matter People are ruthless optimizers Motivation They will maximize results as per measurements If your measurements do not directly map to the desired outcome, then the results will be sub-optimal. Do not ask staff to be martyrs
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Quality Quality
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Economic Quality is Usually a Brand vs Product measurement A multi-period measurement Quality Expected future return R A time discounted measurement 1d Vendor risk discounted measurement Less the probability cost of catastrophic failure = R 1d R
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Quality (Economic Quality) Quality Quality is delivering the user's expected economic return. Quality= what we got so far expectations now return we initially expected n R 1d Q= =1 =n1 R n 1d R 1d =1
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Normal User Cost/Value Timeline Quality Value Value Value Value Value Time Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost Cost
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Brand Value H euristic: Do everything possible to make your word your bond. Being a reliable vendor has more impact to a user's expected return than promise of new Quality capabilities. Expected Return= what we think about the future R = R 1d
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Keystone of UTSQ Direct link between software quality and Quality firm's revenue. Maximum a Rational user will pay is capped by expected economic return. Principle: Developer's revenue opportunity is capped by User's economic return - Quality. max Rev= Ru users
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Quality Risk of Catastrophic Failure Task Legal Documents Air Plane Nuclear Plant Man. Value $50 / day $500,000 / day $1 million / day Phi Cost $1,000 $500 million $100 Billion 3 Sigma Risk (1 in a thousand) $1.00 $500,000 $100 Million 6 Sigma Risk (1 in a million ) $0.001 $500 $100 Thousand Gain $.999 $499,500 $99.9 Million H euristic: H uge catastrophic risks dictate heavy development processes. Small dictate response processes.
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Heavy Processes H euristic: As the ratio of catastrophic failure to period return increases, Six Sigma and similar processes closely Quality map to Economic Return process . Return= period returns probability of the big one = R 1d R
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Alternative Dev Processes First Article Quality level X must be archived on initial launch. Large test suite. Focus on corner cases. Quality level X by release Y. Test suite for mainline. Corner cases user reported. Defect Density Quality User Driven User Driven First Article Time to Market
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User in the Loop Component of Theory
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Value Brand Value to User
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Task Fixed Value The work product for a Task has a value V that is independent of technology used to produce work product. Technology A User Work Product T Technology B
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TaskWare User in the Loop: Users are active components of the system not just passive consumers of functionality. Tas k Wa r e Ta s k Peo p l e Wa r e Va l u e Sof tWare Costs R=v T c T
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PeopleWare Ta s k Wa r e Peo p le Wa r e Pe o ple War e R e s o u r c e Wa r e Kno wled geWare Sof tWare KnowledgeWare: Ability to execute required actions unaided, i.e. The users have the know-how in their head. ResourceWare: Access external authority.
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Task Stimuli c= f A t s f K t i f R t k ts A ti K tk R H euristic: To increase User return, systematically replace ResourceWare with KnowledgeWare and KnowledgeWare with software.
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Under Performing KnowledgeWare . f1 f2 f3 f4 f5 ta . 20 . . . t b 200 . 90 10 . t c 75 . . . 5 td . . . 50 40 H euristic: Poor use of application is a Value killer. Work on understanding how skilled your users are.
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Parameters from Client Interface User Support Software Evaluate and Respond
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Summary Summary
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Two Key Points Summary Probability-weighted cost of Catastrophic Failure ( as measured by risk in UTSQ) is the best predictor of the development quality processes Software Quality is measured by User's Economic Return
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Summary What does UTSQ Unify? Unified Metric for: Direct link Quality and Revenue Features vs fix bugs resource allocation Help desk, documentation, training, UI research, ... resource allocation CEO decision domain and Engineering decision domain End user Economic Return is metric H euristic: Invest in activities that create the max End User Return per dollar committed
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What Next
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