SQI - Terms of Service

Of the On-Demand Applications
March 1, 2008 Update

These terms of service are designed to allow SQI to provide the maximum service levels to its users, and to allow users to get the best from the services SQI offers. Together with any additional specific service level agreements, or custom agreements with specific customers, they define the relationship between SQI and its customers.

SQI may make reasonable changes to these terms from time to time and customers agree that they are bound by any changes.

The Internet is a public space and SQI regards the public as legitimate stakeholders in those services intended to present data to the public. SQI feels a responsibility to make the public experience a good one.

By using this service you agree to the following: -

Services and Service Level

SQI will provide the service you pay for according to the current level defined in the product listing at Product Listing or custom product as joinly agreed upon. SQI will use its best efforts to ensure maximum availability of those services. Periodic downtime will be necessary for scheduled maintenance, but SQI will schedule those periods for minimum service interruption.

SQI uses a variety of available technology to provide these services. From time to time we may change the technology used. This may result in slightly different behaviors, but is intended to at least maintain the existing service level. For instance, a change in Spam filtering might result in a change in profile of the Spam that gets through, but should not result in more Spam getting through.

Open Source

SQI services are built using a mixture of proprietary code and code used under a variety of Open Source licenses. SQI is a contributor to the open source movement through the enhancement of open source applications and through active promotion of the open source community.

Client Useage Obligation

The Client, and those using the Services through the Client, shall at all time comply with the current SQI Acceptable Usage Policy(SAUP) specified at www.sqi-inc.com which is incorporated into and made part of this Agreement. SQI will from time-to-time amend the SAUP by posting the new version on the above web site. The amended SAUP is effective upon posting.

SQI may take any action from the preventative, or corrective, actions specified in the AUP. This includes, but is not limited to, suspension of Services or termination of Agreement. Actions taken by SQI for violation of the SAUP do not relieve Client of obligation to pay the fees for Service.


You may not use the service to run, support or assist an enterprise that is itself illegal.

Information published on a service that, by design, makes that data public (such as web site hosting) is the responsibility of the user. SQI does not monitor, verify, or otherwise attempt to validate such information, and users retain responsibility for the legality of, and right to display, such data.


The data stored by SQI as a result of the use of its services belongs to each individual user. SQI will not sell, rent or make available that data to any third party except where such availability is implied in the service. SQI will comply with appropriate requests for data by law enforcement agencies or other entities entitled by law.

Upon normal termination, users’ data will be made available to each user for a period of seven days, beginning seven days after the termination of service, in the format, and for the fee, then specified in the Product Listing. Alternate formats will be made available on a fee for service basis.

SQI retains the right to accumulate statistics to evaluate its service or to offer improved services to appropriate customers.


SQI maintains an active program to maximize data security so that users’ data does not fall into the hands of unauthorized third parties. This includes the name and address and other data used as part of establishing and maintaining the relationship between the user and SQI, and the private data users enter into the various applications. It does not include data intended for the public such as web sites.

Third Party Use

The service payments you make are for the agreed users and uses. Within the agreed use you may add users as you see fit. However, furnishing passwords and instructions to third parties for the express purpose of allowing them to avoid payment is a violation of the terms of service.


SQI backs up user files on a daily basis. Backups may be total or incremental. Periodically, those files are transferred to a remote site. Should it be necessary to reinstall a backup, SQI will use commercially sound efforts to restore the backup as quickly as possible after the request is received.


You may not use SQI’s mail services for the sending or initiation of Spam.

Intrusive or Damaging Activity

You may not use SQI’s services to send, enable, activate or use, trojans, spyware, viruses or other destructive facilities. You may not use SQI services to break or attempt to break the security measure of other users computers or servers, whether those entities are owned or hosted by SQI or not.

Offensive Material

Information made public as a result of SQI’s services may offend some viewers. SQI retains the right to terminate service to users whose public face is considered overly offensive.


SQI has a commitment to provide a benign termination experience for users who choose to terminate their service or whose service is terminated by SQI because their public face is considered overly offensive. This included, upon request, offloading of the users' private and public data to a portable storage media for a service fee in the range of $50 to $250. SQI has no such commitment to users who are terminated for legal reasons, for violating their terms of service or for non payment.

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