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  • Improved Client Service
  • Effective use of Engineering Resources
  • Global View of Priorities
  • Customer Confidence
  • Customer Empowerment


k-responding-model-w300.png The SQI Incident Manager (IM) is a capabilities-rich ticketing system. Easy to access through any web browser, the IM ensures the issues raised by your customers don't fall through the cracks. IM provides your support staff with an organized environment where they can record, track, respond and analyze submitted issues.

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Individual Staff Portals

Each staff member accesses the Incident Manager through an individual portal. The 10 highest priority tickets the staffer owns are displayed. The 10 highest requests made by the staffer are presented. And, a complete overview of all active queues on site is presented.


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Ticket "Meta" Data

IM maintains ticket "Meta" data including information about people, dates, relationships to other tickets, status and attachments. Ticket owner, requestor, CCs are maintained. All key dates are maintained. Attachments are stored and maintained.


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Complete Ticket History

IM maintains a complete Ticket history. All communications between the support organization and the client is permanently stored. All Ticket status changes are recorded and stored. Any changes in staff ownership are also recorded.


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  • Incident “Tickets”
  • Ticket View
    • Multiple Interactions
    • Status History
    • Attachments
  • Rich Configuration Capabilities
    • Multiple Service Queues
    • Role Definitions and Privileges
  • New Incident Notification
  • Incident Interaction
  • Incident
    • Staff View
    • Customer view
  • SLA Capabilities

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