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The term Watchers is used to describe the set of people that are e- mail when a Ticket is updated. The exception to this is a Comment. Only the people with Privileges to see the internal oriented comments will receive and e-mail.

As outlined below, the Watchers for a ticket can be defined at many points within IM.

Requestor: The most obvious Watcher is the Requestor. Whenever a Ticket is updated the Requestor in notified.

Owner: The Ticket Owner is another Watcher defined at the ticket level.

Ticket CC (and AdminCC): These are Watchers added at the Ticket level (usually when the Ticket is created). They remain Watchers for the life of the Ticket or until removed.

Response (Update) CC (and AdminCC): These are Watchers added for only a specific update.

Queue: People added as Queue Watchers get notified on updates of any Ticket within that Queue.

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