Advanced Markup Instructions for the KnowledgeBase
Oct 2006
Jeff Elpern


A macro is an advanced markup instruction for KnowledgeBase pages. A macro can be as simple as adding a line break or as complex as a complete program that returns a result to the page.

A macro is enclosed within double brackets - [[BR]]. A macro can also have attributes - [[YouTube(4XpnKHJAok8)]] to embed a YouTube player with a specific video in a page.


Here are some examples of macros available with the Knowledge Base technology platform.

Line Break


The is a very simple macro used to insert an additional blank line in the page format.

Image and Index PDF

[[DisplayPDF(src=attachmentName, dpi=72, pages=5, title=TitleGoesHere)]]

This is a very powerful macro that images a pdf file and extracts the text for indexing via KnowledgeDex. Details at Image and Index PDFs - A How-To Recipe

Embed a YouTube Video


This macro enables the embedding of a YouTube player with a specific video into the Knowledge Base page. Details at Embed a YouTube Video - A How-To Recipe

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