KnowledgeDex Powers "Intellectual Capital" Delivery

Enterprise Search" for the Client Interface Environment
September 16, 2006
Jeff Elpern


KnowledgeDex is the SQI integrated search portal that provides a single point of query across all the CIE components. It is a world-class index and search technology that provides powerful tools to build search criteria (see KnowledgeDex Searching). From any point within CIE a search can be launched to access all forms of Intellectual Capital that have been created via the CIE processes.

KnowledgeDex is also the tool that provides the right pieces of Intellectual Capital to the right person at the critical moment of creating a solution. This is the foundation of the SQI philosophy of Instant Publish / Instant Access.

KnowledgeDex enables Enterprise Search, the task of retrieving the right information and knowledge from across multiple sources within a firm from a single query interface. A staff user enters a single search criteria to access publicly published information, internally published information and information still within applications. Thus, Enterprise Search technology must be able to index and retrieve documents from a broad set of applications and technologies. In addition, Enterprise Search must enforce access controls on what each user has the right to see.

Retrieval of Intellectual Capital

The creation of Intellectual Capital – know how, knowledge units, technical information, prior contributions, etc. - is a core process of SQI's Client Interface Environment. Knowledge Units in the Knowledge Center are complete solutions ready for implementation; manuals in a DocCenter contain vital functional information; and tickets in the Incident Manager contain prior problems/solutions that can contain relevant insight. The challenge is to quickly get the right intellectual capital from across all these sources to the individual crafting a solution to the current problem.

KnowledgeDex 2

KnowledgeDex 2 is an enterprise class search tool that integrates all information and knowledge sources associated with the Client Interface Environment into a single search interface.

Key Features

Key aspects of this technology are:

  • Site Specific
    KnowledgeDex is specific to your site. The index is built only from web pages that are part of the Client Interface Environment. Search results only return pages on your CIE site.

  • Application Specific
    KnowledgeDex is configured to index certain applications within a CIE site. This allows a separation, for indexing purposes, between applications involved with knowledge transfer and operational applications. Indexing only the knowledge transfer applications increases the fit of search results.

  • CIE Application Component Aware
    KnowledgeDex is aware of each CIE application that it indexes and applies specific indexing rules for each. For example, a Knowledge Center page will have a revision history of many pages but only the current version is indexed. %BR%

    • The timeliness of search results are thus greatly improved.

KnowledgeDex 2 Release

KnowledgeDex 2.0 implements the core infrastructure of Enterprise Class searching within the Client Interface Environment. KnowledgeDex is integrated into the AppBar which makes the search functionality available from any of the CIE application components. Incremental real time results are also included.

KnowledgeDex 2.0 indexes and searches the Knowledge Center and Doc Center of the CIE installation at the base level access rights.

KnowledgeDex 2.1 - 4th Quarter 2006

The 2.1 release extends the KnowledgeDex functionality to include:

  • Index and Search the Incident Manager tickets
  • Index content with advanced Access Control Levels with an application
  • Filter search results sets based on the Access Rights of the user.

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