Just-in-Time Knowledge

verse Just-in-Case Knowledge
August 2007
Jeff Elpern


Broadly speaking there are two strategies for getting clients to a position to create a Solution for a specific requirement: Just-in-Case Knowledge Transfer and Just-in-Time Knowledge Transfer.

All firms with powerful, configurable products face the issue of Knowledge Transfer. To generate a Solution the knowhow of field engineers and support staffs must be communicated to the users in a context they can understand.

Two general approaches to this issue are:

  • Just-in-Case -- Extensive education
    Detailed user manuals and training courses educate the user in all aspects of the produces functionality and capabilities. The user then is responsible to craft solutions for specific requirements.

  • Just-in-Time Knowledge
    Basic user understanding of the product is

Adding three words.


The failures of just-in-case ussually showup at the client support interface.

JiT --> maximizes Economic Quality by reducing client costs

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