Instant Publish / Instant Access

Transforming Individual Insight into Firm-wide Intellectual Capital
September 2006
Jeff Elpern

The Problem

Within firms delivering sophisticated products, Intellectual Capital is generated at a astounding rate. Clients find new ways to apply the technology; field engineers create new configurations of the features to solve integration issues; and engineers generate “know how” as they mature the product. As a firm climbs the learning curve with a sophisticated product, the Intellectual Capital generated by employees accumulates rapidly.

However, in most small firms, the process of transforming individual Intellectual Capital into institutional Intellectual Capital that is widely accessible is slow or nonexistent. SQI's Instant Publish / Instant Access concept addresses this problem, and the Client Interface Environment provides the tools to solve the problem.

The Solution

Instant Publish / Instant Access is a goal that requires technology and process to achieve. SQI's CIE provides the technology tools and the related business processes that deliver this concept in easy-to-achieve steps at an affordable price. With CIE, the Intellectual Capital generated by innovative employees really does become a firm's asset.


Instant Publish / Instant Access means:

Publish at the moment of insight. Access at the first need.

Publish at Insight

Publish at Insight (Instant Publish) is the core principle of of moving intellectual capital created by an individual into a firm-wide asset. This is a dictate that information, insight, knowledge, etc. is moved to an accessible form immediately - not in six months, not after a full editing process, not at the next documentation cycle, but now.

Access in an Instant

Access at the first need (Instant Access) is the core principle that requires Intellectual Capital, in any state of refinement, to be available at the first opportunity it is needed to add value. The principle dictates that Intellectual Capital can not become trapped in long, formal processes. For example, a process that requires all information and knowledge updates to go through a documentation organization resulting in a delay of months between insight and publishing violates this concept.

In a way, a requirement for instant access is a test of the information flow within the firm. If one staff person has solved a problem and that solution is not available to another staffer at the first re-occurrence of the same problem, the firm's Intellectual Capital information flow is not performing. The more instances of the same problem going without a match to the existing solution, the poorer the firm's return on its Intellectual Capital.

Publication Considerations

Instant Publishing produces some information in a very raw form. Consideration must be given to two operational areas: 1) how the information moves from a raw internal form to a polished external form, and 2) who can access the information at each step in the process of externalization.

SQI believes that it is most important to get potentially valuable information to staff addressing a similar situation. The SQI process template aggressively creates internal publications so that information is available immediately to solve problems without waiting for a polished external publication of the same information.

External distribution of Instant Published data is restricted until it is verified and put in context. This dictate is adopted because external users do not have the breadth of experience to evaluate the relevance of raw information. However, their technical contacts inside the firm will have access to the broad set of Instant Publications, and they will have the skills to assess the relevance of any publication.

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