IM Self Service Portal

The Web Interface for IM
August 8, 2006
Jeff Elpern


The Incident Manager component of CIE includes a web portal for a firm's support clients. This Self Service Portal presents views of all the Open and Closed tickets that the User submitted. In addition, views are available which include ticket that the User is a CC and for which the User is part of Service Agreement community.


Figure 1: Requestor Ticket Group

The screen shot above shows the basic Self Service Portal for a user (TestBob). In this view TestBob sees all the Open tickets – tickets in one of the active states – that he has submitted, i.e. He is the Requestor.

Ticket Grouping Levels

Three ticket grouping views are provided:

  • Requestor Group
    This grouping shows a user Tickets they submited, i.e. They were the Requestor for support. Views are provided for Tickets currently active and Tickets closed.

  • Participants Group
    This grouping shows a user Tickets in which they are either a Requestor or a CC, i.e. They are participation in the Ticket in some form. Views for active and closed Tickets are provided.

  • Service Agreement Group
    This grouping shows a user all the Tickets for a specific service agreement and in the associated service queue. The user is provided access to the Ticket set by belonging to the Service Group, i.e. They do not have to be a Requester or CC on the Ticket.

Requestor Group

The Requestor Group identifies all the Ticket in which the user is a Requestor


Figure 2: Functionality available to a Requestor

A user can see all the Tickets they have submitted that are still active or all that have been resolved. This web interface defaults into the active view. The list of all Tickets Resolved is access by click on Closed-Requestor.

New issues are submitted by clicking on New Ticket.

Participant Grouping

The Participant Grouping let the User view Tickets where they are Ccs in addition to the Tickets where they are a Requester.


Figure 3: Participant Ticket Group

The screen shot above shows Ticket 789 where TestBob is a CC in addition to the two Tickets – 788 and 790 – where he is the Requester.

Service Agreement Group


Figure 4: Service Agreement Ticket Group


Figure 5: Manager's view of Service Agreement Group


Figure 6: Tickets in Service Agreement Group

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