Economic Quality Maturity Model

Measure the Probability of Delivering Expected Returns
April 10, 2004
Jeff Elpern

Economic Quality Maturity Model

The Economic Quality Maturity Model (EQMM) describes a firm's maturity level for planning and delivering economic return to the end user. The more capable the firm, the higher probability the end user will experience the economic return associated with using the product.

The EQMM is similar to the Capabilities Maturity Model (CMM) developed by the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI). The distinction is in focus. CMM defines and measures the ability to plan and implement defect free products on time and in budget (see CMM Levels). EQMM focuses on the user economic return as the measure of success.

EQMM classifies a firm's economic quality capabilities into one of six levels:

  1. Chaos
    Lots of things happening, the firm seams overwhelmed. Management knowledge of critical client issues frequently happens when an irate call comes into the CEO.

  2. Responsive
    Operational analytics provide tracking of outstanding issues, setting of priorities.

  3. Managed
    Process analytics establish required staffing level, clear escalation policies exist, and escalation infrastructure supports policies. Company is meeting client's needs for responsiveness to software issues

  4. Knowledge Transfer
    Systems exist to identify areas were knowledge transfer is inadequate. Knowledge Base tools and systems deliver ever increasing effectiveness knowledge transfer to end user. Effective KB reducing direct support costs.

  5. Software Analytics
    Systems map end user economic loss, as measured by need to access support services of knowledge base, directly into the UML software component or use case. Each development cycle improve economic return for existing functionality.

  6. Economic Quality Analytics
    Systems exist that directly establish the parameter value within the UTSQ. The firm has quantitative knowledge of the economic return currently being generated for the end user and quantitative knowledge of how to improve this return on the next development cycle.

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