SQI Application Integration Bus
August 2007
Jeff Elpern


The SQI Application Integration Bus. AppBus is middle-ware technology that addresses one of the most difficult issues in the open source revolution – how to integrate separately developed applications into a seamless and secure user experience. SQI uses this innovative middle-ware in its open source-based, on-demand business process offerings.

AppBus includes SQI Authority Services (SAS) and Authority Messaging and Synchronization Framework (AMSF) components. SAS is the central repository of user information – name, password, application access authorization, etc. SAS provides authentication and authorization services to the applications. AMSF provides the messaging interface to the SAS services. For example, when a user tries to access an application, the application sends three requests using the AppBus messaging framework: 1) authenticate the user, 2) validate the user is authorized to access the application, and 3) establish the user's authorized roles with the application.

AMSF supplies synchronization services between an application's view of the user information and the SAS central database of users. This is a unique and critical aspect of the integration. AppBus enables integration with the central database and at the same time maintains application-specific information in the application's original data structure – tight integration with a minimum of code changes.

The synchronization of user information is bi-directional. For example, if a systems administrator uses the SAS web tools to change user information, the changes are propagated out to each application's user data structures. Or, if an application creates a new user on the fly when an email request is processed, the new user information is synchronized to the SAS central database of users.

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