AppBar - Application Portal

User View of AppBus
April 2006
Jeff Elpern


The application bus (AppBus) is the users view of the integrated Client Interface Environment (CIE) components.


Figure 1: Application Bar with call-outs for CIE Components

The AppBar provides the user with two paths into the CIE environment: 1) Direct Access to Applications, and 2) indirect access via the Enterprise Search capability.

Direct Application Access

The AppBar always shows the application components for which the current user has access rights. This is determined at login and the AppbBar display is customized accordingly.

Figure 1 show a user that has access rights to:

  • Information Center - The public Knowledge Center

  • IM - The support Ticketing system

  • Staff Hub - The staff shared knowledge base

  • Document Server - The client centric document repository

The AppBar provides a consistent interface for moving between the components.


Figure 2: Search from AppBar

The second path into the Client Interface Environment is thought a search. Figure 2 shows the on-the-fly search results displayed after a typing pause of a second. The point of interest is that an Enterprise Search is used to produce the results set show in Figure 2. That is a search with two major aspects: 1) The search is across multiple islands of information, and 2) the results set is filter for the user's access rights before being displayed.

Thus a common interface is provided to the user for accessing any data within CIE that they have the rights to see.

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