Knowledge Base Functional Highlights

kb-self-service-w240.png Through a combination of technologies, the Collaborative Knowledge Base delivers high-impact training and How-Tos, a search engine, and FAQ information. It also facilitates the harvesting of knowledge from the entire community that touches your product through an easy-to-use input interface.



Multiple Levels of Production Value

  • Instant “Knowledge Updates” with text
  • High-impact Knowledge Transfer with multimedia

Knowledge Center

  • Client “Self Service” Knowledge Acquisition
  • Content Development Driven by Data from Incident Management System

FAQ and Bulletins

  • “Low Density” Issues (very specific)
  • Low Impact Text Based Knowledge Transfer

Interactive Flash

  • “High Density” Issues
  • Attention Holding Knowledge Transfer

  • Ever Increasing Efficiencies for You AND Your Customers
  • Lower Support Cost
  • Lower Knowledge Acquisition Costs for Users
  • Increased User Satisfaction
  • Increased User Retention
  • Improved Margins
  • Collection of Valuable Information for Product Development

Control of ''Look and Feel''

The Collaborative Knowledge Center provides complete control of the look and feel of the site. The two thumbnails below show how the skins feature can be used to project a completely different image.



Full size image


Update KC from any Web Browser

Collaboration and knowledge harvesting is made possible by allowing any member of the team to directly update the Knowledge Center site from any web browser with access to the Internet. This highly effective and efficient functionality enables instantaneous updates. For example, knowledge acquired by technical staff in the field may indicate that problems exist in a manual, or in product support and reference material. This knowledge can be used for immediate updates.

FireUp/KnowledgeCenterFeatures/KbFeaturesWebUpdates Full size image

Restrict Read and Write Access to Topics and Webs, by Users and Groups

The Access Control functionality provides the ability to restrict access to single topics and entire webs; by individual user and by user Groups in three areas: view, edit and attach, and rename/move/delete. Access control, combined with User Authentication, allows the site administrator to easily create and manage an extremely flexible, fine-grained privilege system.

FireUp/KnowledgeCenterFeatures/KbFeaturesAccess Full size image

Revision History

Changes to the Knowledge Center are managed by a revision control system. Each set of changes is tracked with a revision number, author and date/time of change recorded.

Revision control is the key feature that enables the organization to extend broad membership in the team able to directly change the Knowledge Center. Being able to track and role back errors is key to the multi authorship environment.

An additional aspect of revision control is the ability to register for email notification of changes and content. This allows the subject experts, usually called Contributing Editors, to perform a review role on content submissions.

FireUp/KnowledgeCenterFeatures/KbFeaturesRevisions Full size image

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