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kb-features-at-a-glance-w240.png This page presents a detailed description of the Knowledge Base technology core features. Below are quick links to each feature.
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The Knowledge Base is a suite of core technologies – integrated and extended by SQI – that provide a complete, powerful set of capabilities for crafting Knowledge Applications (see column on right).

Highlights of these capabilities are presented below. For a full description see links in feature box.


The time between making a change to documentation, application notes, how-to recipes, etc. and the time it is “published” for wide access can be reduced to zero by the SQI Knowledge Base. This enables a “continuous improvement” process to immediately flow new material to the stake-holders.


Expanding the ranks of potential contributors to include those at the point of new knowledge creation lets those on the front line update solutions - knowledge units – as they craft responses to problems in the field (see Instant Publish / Instant Access).


Dynamically assembled "view" pages enable the creation of composite content showing each individual only the material to which the they have access. For example, the FireUp Document Server application uses a Composite Documents Page to display only the full set of documents to which a user has access.


KnowledgeDex, the Enterprise Search core technology, provides secure search across the content of all Knowledge Base Applications. The indexing engine understands the data structures of the Knowledge Base so only the latest version of content is indexed. The powerful search engine produces relevant, scored results that are filtered by the access permissions of the requester at page or document-level security. The results show only those documents the user has rights to access.

The search box in the AppBar provides real-time incremental results at every criteria input pause. The results show a “goodness-of-fit” index and the Knowledge Application source.

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Extensive amounts of marketing and technical material exists, or could be quickly produced, in PDF form. Core technology provides the capability to image the PDF into web display HTML, index the contents of the PDF, and provide the original PDF for download.


Fine grained Access Control enables granting publishing and modification rights to identified expert contributors in each area of the business.


Users can subscribe to receive email notification to topic pages of interest. Incremental changes to technical documentation, for example, can be automatically communicated to the community of interest.


Knowledge Base Applications are a tightly crafted combination of configured core features and an OpsEngine set of procedures for a specific set of users. A firm usually has the need for many Knowledge Applications. The core technology can support as many different configurations as required.


Core technology includes an Integrated Application PortalAppBar – that provides a single login, unified one-click access and integrated search across all applications. The AppBar displays only the applications that the user is authorized to access.


For an individual or collaborative team the content on the fly capabilities provide a virtual whiteboard room. From concepts and fact gathering to final review, the process is empowered with the ease of creating a topic area, incremental development, instant subtopics, collaborative input, and selective exposure.


Every change made to a page is recorded. Differences between any two revisions can be displayed. A single operation can revert a page back to any revision level.


Knowledge systems exist to provide solutions and depend on content contributions from the experts. Analytics provide insight into the usage of the system and the activity of contributors.


DocBook, an industry standard XML markup for technical documentation, is one of the supported content markups. This enables a firm to create a unified strategy for producing both the web-based and printed technical material.

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