SQI Custom Applications

SQI has assembled a full suite of tested and constantly maintained enabling applications to support the SaaS (Software as a Service) nature of our standard offerings. This lays the foundation for offering custom applications under the same easy-to-deploy, easy-to-use conditions.

Many of our current customers use custom applications to fill in particular holes in their standard IT offering, or to extend and refine SQI's applications.

Proven Suite of Enabling Technologies

  • A robust, role-based security system
  • The ability to communicate through email, text or phone
  • Full virtual server
  • A complete set of development tools
  • World class database engine
  • Proprietary glue


  • Fast Deployment - Using our rapid prototyping methodology, applications are available in weeks rather than months
  • Universal Access - Applications can be accessed from any Internet connected computer
  • Robust Security - The security mechanisms are in place across multiple customers and multiple applications
  • Granular Role-based Security - Different priviledges can be granted to each user
  • Browser Driven - No special user configurations are required

The Advantages

  • Because the enabling technologies are in place and assembled into an integrated platform, much of the work to develop and deliver a custom application is already in place. A custom application can be developed in a fraction of the time it would take starting from scratch, or building it to run on someone else's infrastructure. This lowers development cost to SQI while relieving our customers of the cost and time of establishing servers and enabling technologies and keeping them running. SQI constantly improves and monitors the same environment for all its customers creating a robust, continuously improving, broadly tested platform.


  • SQI believes that there are intelligent critera that help define what kinds of applications are suitable for the SQI process. SQI is committed to hosting only those applications where our infrastructure adds value and success can be guaranteed.

These include:

  • The Application will be used by multiple users in multiple locations
  • The Application is user defined. ie, the people who will use the application are the experts
  • The users are available for rapid prototyping
  • Necessary hooks into other applications are supported by API's


SQI licences its custom code under a GNU license. This guarantees that users can take their applications and run them themselves if they wish.

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