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Support as Strategic

Instead of viewing customer support as overhead, look at it as a strategic key to improving your business.

You can unlock value from your customer base. A major benefit of managing customer support is the wealth of information contained in the interactions with your customers. Your customers are talking with you and giving you feedback every time they touch your support environment. The collection and analysis of this information is an invaluable tool for continuous improvement.

About CIE

CIE, SQI's flagship service, focuses on the mission critical operational interface between clients and a firm. CIE's processes and services – including direct support, knowledge transfer and business intelligence analytics – manage results and improve effectiveness in the client/firm interface – an area where costs can easily spiral out of control. With CIE capabilities, a firm can improve the “Economic Quality” of their product by increasing client ROI and reducing their own operational cost.


The Client Interface Environment(CIE) is an integrated suite of open-source technologies delivering a high-quality, cost-effective set of processes to support your client base. It is a capabilities-rich incident management system. Easy to access through any web browser, CIE ensures the issues raised by your customers don't fall through the cracks. It provides your support staff with an organized environment where they can record, track, respond and analyze submitted issues. The SQI CIE embraces the on-demand/pay-by-use utility model of solution delivery.

SQI CIE currently provides three core elements that build an intelligent approach to improved customer satisfaction and company value:

  • An Incident Management System that effectively interfaces the client's issue with the right internal support services and provides customers with feedback that creates confidence in your commitment to improve their experience with your product

  • A Knowledge Center that handles an ever-increasing percentage of client incidents with "self serve" knowledge transfer based on the collection of knowledge from the interactions between your customers and your support staff in the Incident Manager

  • Within the Knowledge Base is an on-line Collaborative Environment that allows all who touch your product, internal and external to your business, to contribute knowledge and commentary. It also allows you to control access based on your protocols.


On-Demand for Customer Support

On-demand software brings you a low-cost, nearly maintenance-free alternative to solve your customer support infrastructure needs. The biggest issue faced by nearly ninety percent of software companies is the initial cost of support software and on-going maintenance of it and the hardware infrastructure that underpins it.

The on-demand model used by SQI provides you with a world-class customer support environment without that initial, crushing investment and the expenditure of valuable engineering resources. You and your customers can be up and running in 24 hours.

What On-Demand Gives Your Business

  • Superior customer support capabilities
  • Low-cost investment
  • Fast implementation
  • High-paid engineers focused on your product capital, not maintenance
  • Future flexibility through Open-Source technologies

The Bottom Line

You and your customers can be up and running on a basic system in 24 hours. Your sales, support and development professionals can be communicating, collecting insight into customer issues, and collaborating on cross-functional projects within hours of installation.

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