Introducing Customer Support as a Strategic Weapon

CIE/WpCIasWeapon A Strategic Framework for Support

Tactical Processes that deliver Value to Your Clients and Your Firm



Key Concepts Presented in White Paper

Small Firm's Dilemma

  • Customers Buy Solutions, not Products
  • Limited Resources and Imperfect Understanding of “Solution” Requirements


  • Innovative Products as the Starting Point
  • User Driven Resource Allocation for Enabling Components
  • Use the Client Interface for Feedback
  • Leverage Emerging Web Business Models

Key Process Discussed

  • Support System that Focuses on Economic Quality

  • Processes the support User Driven Resource Allocation
  • Client Centric processes
  • Web-based, On-demand services




SQI views the client interface as the critical event point that determines the fate of your products and your firm. And, SQI believes that effective management of client interface events is a Strategic Weapon. This white paper describes a framework supporting that position, and a road map to guide your actions in leveraging this point for increased success.

The SQI Solution


The Client Interface Environment (CIE) is a suite of applications and procedures that provides a solution to the issues faced by the innovative small firm (see white paper). To CIE makes support a Strategic Weapon by enabling three processes: effectively handle client requests for support, harvest the knowledge created, enabling Self Serve knowledge transfer. Thus knowledge generated from one client's support problem is ultimately delivered to other clients as packaged solutions.

CIE provides three core elements that build an intelligent approach to improved customer satisfaction and company value:

Support Requests


A client support request system (Incident Management) that effectively interfaces the client's issue with the right internal support services and provides customers with feedback that creates confidence in your commitment to improve their experience with your product.
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Knowledge Harvesting


The white paper presents the idea that solutions (knowledge) are created via the client support process. Knowledge harvesting is the act of capturing a solution developed by an individual support staffer in a form that other support staff can access. The Knowledge Hub - one of the FireUp Knowledge Applications - provides the capability to convert individual knowledge to firm wide knowledge. Over time a large "solutions bank" is built which enables proven solutions to quickly be communicated to the client. Thus, the support process becomes an asset building endeavor.

"Self Service" Knowledge Transfer


The Self-Service Support application - one of the FireUp Knowledge Applications - enables the client users to quickly access a solution for the problem (Knowledge Unit) if one exists. Thus enabling the client to move forward without delay and reducing direct support costs.

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