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Product and Customer Support

Powered By SQI's Client Interface Environment (CIE)


Welcome and thank you for your interest in the most affordable, comprehensive support system on the market. For a few hundred dollars a month, based on DeliveredValue packages, all your stakeholder – staff and clients – has access to the functionality of the Client Interface Environment (CIE).

CIE is a world-class, hosted Support Platform which provides a sophisticated Incident Manager, Knowledge Management System, Enterprise Search, Instant Publishing, and a Document Server plus other applications under a single sign-on.

The CIE web-based support platform has been developed by software entrepreneurs for firms with innovative, technically-rich products that are marketed to large, demanding clients (see whitepaper on right). We understand you problems from first hand experience.



A Sophisticated Incident Manager to:

  • collect and store relevant data in an organized and consistent manner
  • provide the metrics necessary to manage and assess an active support environment
  • automate the to and fro of problem solving and capture the process and associated data
  • keep appropriate stakeholders in the loop
  • provide high profile customers a portal to their own incidents



A Flexible Self-Serve Knowledge Base to:

  • provide a shareable repository for documenting and delivering solutions
  • eliminate the tedious re-writing of emails to customers with similar problems
  • deliver a powerful search mechanism for finding solutions
  • provide a document server for manuals, guides, software, upgrades and the like



An Integrated Security Platform to:

  • provide managed access through a single sign-on
  • allow for broad access to the applications without increasing risk
  • provide a mechanism for the selective sharing of information



Flexible Utility Pricing to:

  • match the cost to your growth and usage
  • easily regulate your capacity needs
  • incrementally add capacity only when you need it


Client support is more than a tactical problem

The client interface is a critical event point that determines the fate of you products and profitability your firm. SQI believes that effective management of the client interface events is a strategic Weapon.

Our whitepaper - Customer Interface as a Strategic Weapon for the Small Firm - describes a framework for evaluating the economic impact of support incidents to the clients and your firm . And, a road map is presented for Tuning Client Inquiries into a Value Creating Process.

Request the whitepaper below. It is immediately e-mailed to you.

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The complete customer support platform is offered as a web-based service. This eliminates the in-house costs of servers and software plus associated software and hardware maintenance. The benefits of a hosted, or On-Demand, solution are:

  • Easy and swift startup
  • Eliminates the cost and effort of maintaining servers
  • Avoids the expense of software upgrades and fixes
  • Vastly reduces initial investment and ongoing maintenance cost
  • Guarantees regular backup and managed security

See the Product Packages pricing to understand just how affordable a On-Demand web-base platform is.

Why Managing Customer Support is Key

Small and medium sized businesses with complex products have the opportunity to realise two key benefits from a well managed customer support function. First, effectiveness increases while costs decrease. Second, the wealth of information captured during the interaction with the customer can offer insight into new markets, development opportunities and specific uses for the product. These two benefits are hard to capture without systems support.

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