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KnowledgeDex is the SQI integrated component for for Enterprise Search. KnowledgeDex includes indexing and searching application components of the Client Interface Environment. Key aspects of this technology are:

  • Site Specific
    KnowledgeDex is specific to your site. The index is build only from web pages that are part of the Client Interface Environment. Search results only return pages on you CIE site.

  • Application Specific
    KnowledgeDex is configured to index certain application within a CIE site. This allows a separation, for indexing purposes, between applications involved with knowledge transfer and operational applications. Indexing only the knowledge transfer applications increases the _fit_ of search results.

  • CIE Application Component Aware
    KnowledgeDex is aware of each CIE application that it indexes and applies specific indexing rules for each. For example, a Knowledge Center page will have a revision history of many pages but only the current version is indexed.

  • KnowledgeDex Crawler is Super User The KnowledgeDex Crawler operates at the highest access rights level for each application component being indexed. Thus allows complete indexing of the site content. User access rights are applied at search time (see below).

  • User Access Rights Aware When doing a search KnowledgeDex is aware of the access rights the user has for each page in teh search results. Only pages the the user is authorised to access are returned in the results set.

The search results are thus greatly improved.

How To use is presented at KnowledgeDex Searching

Feature List

Search Engine

  • Access Privileges for results
  • Boolean logic
  • Phrase and Proximity Searching
  • Relevancy ranking
  • Browsing of indexes
  • Truncation
  • Field searching
  • Case sensitive searching
  • Controlled vocabulary
  • Date/range searching
  • Refining of initial search
  • Advanced and basic search facilities

SQI Knowledge Crawler

  • Application awaire
    • indexes only content material on a page
    • index only live pages (no archives)
    • indexes application content separate for application info
  • Has Supper User access and thus will harvest all pages on thhe CIE site
    Note: Search results are filtered with the users access rights to show only conntent for which they are authorized.

  • Can be set to crawl site at any interval

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