Client Interface Environment

Incident Management System

The SQI Incident Manager System (IMS) is a capabilities-rich ticketing system. Easy to access through any web browser, the IMS ensures the issues raised by your customers don't fall through the cracks. IMS provides your support staff with an organized environment where they can record, track, respond and analyze submitted issues. Knowledge collected here becomes part of the Self Service features of your support solution.

IM System Features:

  • Incident “Tickets”
  • Ticket View
    • Multiple Interactions
    • Status History
    • Attachments
    • Status History
  • Rich Configuration Capabilities
    • Multiple Service Queues
    • Role Definitions and Privileges
  • New Incident notification
  • Incident Interaction
  • Incident
    • Staff View
    • Customer view

IM System Benefits

  • Improved Client Service
  • Effective use of Engineering Resources
  • Global View of Priorities
  • FAQ and Bulletins
  • Support Services Administered Knowledge Base
  • “Low Density” Issues (very specific)
  • “High Density” Issues
  • Streaming Video
  • “Very High Density Issue

Collaborative Knowledge Base

Through a combination of technologies, the Collaborative Knowledge Base (CKB) delivers high-impact training and "how to" multimedia, a knowledge-based search engine, and HTML based FAQ information. It also facilitates the harvesting of knowledge from the entire community that touches your product through an easy-to-use input interface. The CKB collects feedback over time to guide product planning and development.

CKB Features:

  • Multiple Levels of Production Value
    • Instant “Knowledge Updates” with text
    • High-impact Knowledge Transfer with multimedia
  • Knowledge Base
    • Client “Self Service” Knowledge Acquisition
    • Content Development Driven by Data from Incident Management System
  • FAQ and Bulletins
    • “Low Density” Issues (very specific)
    • Low Impact Text Based Knowledge Transfer
  • Interactive Flash
    • “High Density” Issues
    • Attention Holding Knowledge Transfer
  • Streaming Video
    • “Very High Density Issue
    • High Impact Knowledge Transfer

CKB Benefits:

  • Ever Increasing Efficiencies for You AND Your Customers
  • Lower Support Cost
  • Lower Knowledge Acquisition Costs for Users
  • Increased User Satisfaction
  • Increased User Retention
  • Improved Margins
  • Collection of Valuable Information for Product Development

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