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SQI Inc. is the world-leading open source integrator serving small firms delivering complex, enterprise-level products and services. SQI integrates "best-of-class" open source technologies and applications into business processes addressing operational requirements driven by the support needs of these products and services. Leveraging the open source revolution dramatically reduces development costs and accelerates time-to-market. Combined with “access anywhere at any time” on-demand Software as a Service (SaaS) Internet delivery, SQI is able to provide world class systems for the small firm at dramatic new cost points. SQI is a Nevada corporation founded in 2001 with corporate offices in Reno, NV.


SQI delivers a complete on-demand Client Interface Environment (CIE) hosted on a pre-integrated platform based on integrated Open Source Software. SQI uses these state-of-the-art technology paradigms, Open Source and On-Demand software, to bring a world class customer support solution to small and medium-sized businesses at a pricing orders of magnitude below proprietary solutions. >>> affordable pricing packages


The Client Interface Environment (CIE) is an integrated suite of open-source technologies delivering a high-quality, cost-effective set of processes to support your client base. The SQI CIE is co-located in a highly secure hosted environment and embraces the Software-as-a-Service model of solution delivery.

SQI CIE currently provides three core elements that build an intelligent approach to improved customer satisfaction and company value:


SQI Announces the SQI Application Integration Bus: AppBus™

SQI Inc. extends lead as Open Source Application Integrator with Core Integration Technology

Reno, Nevada, April 26, 2006 – SQI Incorporated today unveiled AppBus™ - the SQI Application Integration Bus. AppBus is middle-ware technology that addresses one of the most difficult issues in the open source revolution – how to integrate separately developed applications into a seamless and secure user experience. SQI uses this innovative middle-ware in its open source-based, on-demand business process offerings. >>> read full Press Release


The SQI solution includes a sophisticated knowledge-based system in the belief that a support environment must continuously contribute to the Intellectual Assets of a firm through a tight feed-back loop of knowledge-capture and dissemination.

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