SQI Infrastructure Platforms

Jeff Elpern

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This book presents a number of "horizontal" technology platform crafted by SQI is the process of developing the Client Interface Environment (CLI). These technologies address requirements faced by anyone building web-based business applications and thus provide a way to accelerate the development process by buying existing components.

An interesting aspect of this book is the usage of many of the components presented in its development.

How to Use This Book

The most current version of this book is available at current version SQI Infrastructure Platforms in both web view and PDF print ready. And, we do mean the most current as every author edit to a chapter immediately produces an updated web page of the chapter, an updated PDF for the chapter, and an updated PDF for the book. We referrer to this immediate publication in various formates an microPublishing.

microPublishing - Direct and Instant Updating

The SQI DocBook System combines the power of our Knowledge Base technology - direct input from content authors, continuous improvement, instants publishing, and extensive search - with the power of DocBook technology - extensive specialized markup for technical publication and multichannel publishing. The result is a on-demand environment where content experts can update material at any time, these enhancements are instantly published, updated material is instantly re-indexed, and html for the Web and PDF for printed output are simultaneously produced.

SQI Commitment to Instant PublishingThis book is an statement, and a working example, of the SQI philosophy of instant publishing. This book is a work-in-progress. All of the material is in draft form (some in rough draft form). Some of the How-To sections have example code with little of the description provided. But all of the material fulfills the SQI concept that any insight or new knowledge has value and needs to be quickly shared

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